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Advertise on the Live with Kurt Price Show

Kurt Price ("Mr. Lloydminster")

Kurt Price has been a part of the community for over 20 years. His voice is most recognized from his 20+ years as a local radio host. He has also been generous with his time for many volunteer organizations and has hosted countless community events.

The Live with Kurt Price Show promotes local businesses, events, and news about our community. The show is produced three times per week and is broadcast via Facebook Live on the New Lloydminster Nissan Facebook page. All shows are also available on YouTube.

Advertising on the Live with Kurt Price Show Features

Focused on Community

We proudly sponsor programs like Meals in the Field and The Twelvish Days of Christmas. These programs and initiatives highlight the importance of agriculture in our area and shopping with local businesses. These promotions and contests have become very popular in the community. We’re also very proud to support Canadian Oil & Gas with our Patchwork Podcast hosted by both Kurt and Tracy K.

Twelvish Days of Christmas
Patchwork Podcast

We have also been a driving force for community events and support for various non-profit organizations such as:

  • United Way
  • Lloydminster Kinsmen Club
  • Lloydminster Men’s Shelter
  • Mount Joy
  • Diversity & Inclusion Forum
  • Walk the Talk
  • Olive Tree
  • Border City Connect
  • Lloydminster Regional Health Foundation

Viewership Snapshot



Age Group


18 – 24


25 – 34


35 – 44


45 – 54


55 – 64




Household Income

55% of viewership earn a household income of $75,000 or more per year

How Much Does It Cost?

Only $25 Per Spot*

Rate is based on a 30-second commercial (supplied by the advertiser) and based on a 3-month contract.  

Should the advertiser require a commercial to be produced, Forges Media provides the following options:

Post-production client-supplied video (editing your footage)   

Fully produced 30-second commercial



*Pricing based on a 3-month contract.

Questions or Comments?

We welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions you have.  Feel free to leave a message below or call us at (780) 522-9433.